Can’t Stop The Talent

Last week was Talent Week at Zane’s summer camp. It ended with a talent show. We parents found out on Monday afternoon and the show was on Thursday morning.

Zane had chose to sing. The options he had in mind were his favorite songs: “Straight Outta Cold Beer,” “Dirt On My Boots,” “Can’t Stop the Feelin’,” and “Everything Is Awesome.” He already knew more words to “Can’t Stop the Feelin'” and Justin Timberlake is mommy’s favorite, so that’s what we went with.

For two and a half days, we listened to the song. In our downtime, we sang the song without music. I really wanted him to do well. I was so excited about the idea of a talent show for my 4 year old. In practices, he sometimes whispered, sometimes yelled and sometimes changed some of the words to “butt” or “poop.” I was afraid he’d get the microphone and just freeze. I really wasn’t sure what to expect.


So Thursday morning comes along and there are so many kids! I guess I didn’t realize how many were in the summer program, and it was ages 3-12 I believe (most were under 8, I’d say).

The show got started and there were all kinds of acts. An adorable little ballerina who you could tell rehearsed and she did so well! A few magicians (some repeat tricks even). Some singers, some dancers. The little girl who sang an original song which had no words and it sounded like she was just mimicking a ballad, but it was so cute the way she sang her heart out. Some got shy and decided to just twirl instead of sing. There was a magician who made his assistant disappear and you could see her walk out of sight. It was so fun to watch.

Then there was my son. I was so excited as he walked up there in his little fedora. He got the microphone and started singing as soon as the music started- even before JT. But you could hear him. I was afraid he wouldn’t sing or he would whisper so this was encouraging. When the song really started, Zane began singing again and I couldn’t believe how well he did. He wasn’t taking the practices seriously, but it was sinking in. He didn’t get every single word, of course, but he was impressive. I was one proud mama.

I’m still proud. I’ve watched the video so many times, and now I’m sharing it here. I hope you enjoy it! (Little brother pulled on my arm at one point causing some turbulance. My apologies.)


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